Guardtime's continues its major hiring push in engineering staff to handle increased customer demand. During 2015 the company has increased technical headcount by more than 100% and is targeting another 100% increase in 2016.

Open positions are posted on the company’s recruitment pages. Guardtime is hiring highly skilled engineers with expertise in the following areas: distributed systems including network protocols, anti-tamper hardware, distributed ledgers, operating systems, C++ and Java.

Mike Gault, Guardtime CEO commented “We continue to consistently attract top notch security, networking and software professionals. What Guardtime is developing will be a critical element of IT and Telecom infrastructure for decades to come and we are thrilled to be hiring world class professionals to help secure digital society. Our recent partnership with Ericsson shows the opportunity of using KSI Blockchain to address the security and governance challenges that the Fortune 500 face and confirms our commitment to provide our clients with the highest level of expertise necessary for securing their network environments."