“It is crucially important for the patients and doctors to be able to be confident that the LMS platform is secure and handles patient records with care, and the best way to ensure that is to take away the need to trust LMS altogether,” said Eric Schulze, Founder and CEO of LMS. “With Guardtime’s KSI blockchain technology, clients and regulators can verify exactly what is happening on our tele-radiology platform, independently of LMS, Guardtime or any other third party.”

Martin Ruubel, President Guardtime Estonia added: “Guardtime has been working with LMS already since 2013, and it’s great to see their tele-radiology platform gaining traction and playing its part in solving a major resource problem for the emerging world. KSI blockchain provides an independently verifiable data integrity substrate for everything that is happening on the platform, considerably simplifying the compliance and auditing processes and consequently making high quality healthcare more accessible and affordable for the customers - which is the goal.”

In production use by governments and industry since 2008, Guardtime’s KSI blockchain technology is today being globally adopted for healthcare applications. The Republic of Estonia was the first nation state to register all its healthcare records in a blockchain to ensure the long-term record integrity, guarantee regulatory compliance, and mitigate insider and external fraud.  Guardtime continues to  work with other governments around the world and recently announced it is working with DU Telecom to bring blockchain technology to  UAE health care systems.