What Qualcomm is to mobile technology we hope to be for electronic data,” 

says Mike Gault, chief executive of Guardtime.

Guardtime’s digital signature technology, designed to prevent electronic data being tampered with, was produced by Estonian computer scientists led by Ahto Buldas.

While the company was set up by a team of Estonian cryptographers, network architects, software developers and security professionals seven years ago, the origins of its technology development go back decades. 

After the PKI in Estonia was put to use, Buldas used his experience of developing and implementing the system to invent a new cryptographic tagging system, named KSI.

The system, aims to ensure the integrity of electronic data by allowing it to be independently verified using only mathematical methods, without the need for human administrators. Under Guardtime's system, based on hash function cryptography, data can be signed electronically, with the signature later used to show who signed, at what time, and whether any changes have been made since the data was signed.

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