Guardtime's core expertise is the design and implementation of machines – distributed virtualized computers that execute tasks with cryptographic proofs of correctness. The value of such machines is twofold; a) the operational cost savings achieved from security, audit and compliance being encoded into the design and  b) new business models by enabling the automation of processes across organizational boundaries.

All our products are based on the same underlying technology platform, enabling us to go from idea to production in a matter of months. If a client has a business process that involves electronic data, whether updating an internal database or creating an industry wide platform our technology can deliver value and differentiation in a very short time frame. 

We have built and deployed many products across many industries, some of which we have listed below.

MIDA Cybersecurity

Our flagship product MIDA, built in collaboration with global telecommunications provider Verizon, is a new approach to security where every digital asset (firewall rules, configs, virtual machine images etc.) is matched with a cryptographic container which provides the integrity,  provenance and policy information for that asset. Any change in that asset that is outside of policy can be detected with cryptographic certainty and mitigated in real time. In comparison the traditional approach of downloading events and running those events through a correlation analysis engine is expensive, unreliable and slow, especially for remote infrastructures such as cloud and IOT.

One major benefit of the product is that it pays for itself due to the cost savings delivered by automated compliance management and reporting. The product offers templates based on existing standards, whether PCI DSS, SOC2, FEDRAMP etc. and provides continuous real time compliance reporting based on those templates, along with independently verifiable artifacts for reporting purposes to auditors, dramatically reducing  manual compliance overhead.



In October 2020 the World Health Organization and the Republic of Estonia launched a pilot for digitally verifiable international vaccination certificates called „Smart Vaccination Certificate” to support the effective implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination program. Guardtime is the technical leader of the project, leveraging the EU eIDAS-accredited trust service KSI Blockchain in its solution for tamper-proof digital certificates.

VaccineGuard is globally verifiable vaccination certificate platform enabling effective management of vaccination campaigns and distribution of vaccines. VaccineGuard captures and protects proof of critical data accuracy, facilitates privacy-preserving global certificate verification and provides real-time insights on vaccination deployments for public health authorities. For vaccine manufacturers it enables real-time counterfeit and diversion detection, liability management against false claims and visibility into pharmacovigilance post inoculation.

HSX - Life Sciences 

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Our HSX platform was designed and built for the Estonian Health Care system, providing immutable audit trails for activity related to patient health care records. The platform is based around APIs for integrity, provenance, consent, identity reconciliation, secure transport and multi-party computation.

In 2020 we announced a partnership with Roche and 10 other pharma companies to build a Real World Data Engine based on this platform, enabling pharma market access to get aggregate results of medicine use across a region without moving patient data from the databases that host the data – we call this concept data visibility, analyzing distributed data sets with guaranteed compliance with all privacy regulations. HSX enables this to work at scale with the performance necessary for practical use cases, including indication and combination-based pricing, value based pricing, clinical trial patient enrollment and differentiated rebates.

SCM - Supply Chain 

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Our SCM platform provides supply chain solutions for security, track and trace, diversion and recall management, counterfeit detection and post-sale monitoring (pharmacovigilance) for industries including aerospace, life sciences, manufacturing and consumer goods. Our supply chain solutions are used by some of the largest aerospace companies in the world to ensure end to end security for their physical, information and software supply chains.

KSI Cash - Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

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Our first conversations about building a digital cash system with Central Banks started in the early 2000s. Over the last 5 years our research efforts intensified, leading to the invention of KSI Cash, a breakthrough digital cash, payment and settlement platform designed to meet the scalability, reliability, and security requirements of critical financial infrastructures.

In October 2020 we announced our partnership with the Estonian Central Bank to research the suitability of our KSICash CBDC for use within the Eurosystem. We are currently engaged in research and piloting with Central Banks across the world.

CERTUS - eGovernment

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CERTUS ™ is a product built in collaboration with SICPA, a world leader in government security solutions. Certus is a novel digital solution that enables document issuers like educational institutions, government bodies or notaries to secure value documents. It is a cost-effective next-generation security solution which sets a new standard in securing sensitive paper-based and digital documents, credentials and qualifications.



Guardtime and European Space Agency (ESA) have joined forces to create a security and trust service for Earth observation (EO) data called EOGuard. EOGuard guarantees data integrity and immutability while mitigating risks of accidental data corruption. It processes errors and other vulnerabilities like security violation, data tampering or malicious interference in the databases. 

The increase in EO data volumes, along with its variety and velocity, requires disruptive changes in the ways data is stored and how users interact with EO products. EOGuard, with Guardtime’s KSI Blockchain as a backbone, can deliver proofs of the sequence and time of the entire data life-cycle. EUGuard is compatible with a variety of satellite missions and data formats and is built to have minimal effect on existing systems and can be easily integrated. From data download, access, processing, distribution and change detection to revealing data provenance, EOGuard provides quality assurance to entire batches of EO data products. This is cyber-security and emerging technologies coming together to protect all critical networks and sensitive data.