Our platform enables real-world enterprise applications to be developed using blockchain technology. Enterprise adoption of blockchain technology remains extremely limited, primarily as, outside of innovation departments, nobody cares about technology, only the business problems that it can solve. Blockchain is a critical component in all our enterprise solutions but as the backend for creating tokens that enables our clients to solve business problems. 

Alphabill ( is the public blockchain used for all applications - tokens can be created using the Alphabill public blockchain  but verified, and acted on, off-chain in real-world applications.

Over the last 10 years we have successfully deployed enterprise blockchain solutions across a whole range of industries, some examples, and links we provide below. The crypto industry is crying out for real world use cases of blockchain technology. Our solutions have been battle-test in production by some of the most demanding clients on earth. 


KSI is an EU-EIDAS accredited cryptographic timestamping service that was developed to address the challenge of data integrity within the Estonian Government, It is the first blockchain-based accredited EU trust service and is used as an alternative to Public Key Infrastructure. The implication is that the verification of issued timestamps does not rely on the security of cryptographic keys. This service is used today in production by governments authorities around the world to guarantee the integrity of archived data.
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Digital Currency

Together with eight central banks in the Eurosystem we have contributed to the European Central Bank’s research on the digital euro. Our approach is the first blockchain-based digital currency platform that uses digital bills as a monetary unit (i.e., not UTXOs or accounts). Bills are the only monetary unit that allow for parallel decomposition – the ledger can be divided into sub-ledgers each of which can be updated and verified in parallel.
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Token-based settlement

Every settlement mechanism in the world today, apart from cash, involves messaging followed by reconciliation. This is slow, expensive, and unreliable. SWIFT, RTGS, ACH etc, are all based on accounts and technology invented over 30 years ago. Token-based settlement is like cash in that payment equals settlement. There are no intermediaries and settlement is instantaneous with close to zero friction. The applications range from cross border remittances to the automation of digital securities trading and settlement.

Network Security

We have developed MIDA, a solution that enables network security policy to be implemented and enforced as code. Every digital asset (firewall rules, configs, virtual machine images etc.) is tokenized i.e., a digital token proves the integrity, provenance and policy information for the asset ensuring that any change to that asset outside of policy can be detected and mitigated in real time. The product offers templates based on existing policy frameworks, such PCI DSS, SOC2, FEDRAMP etc. and provides continuous real time compliance reporting based on those templates, along with independently verifiable artifacts for reporting purposes, dramatically reducing manual compliance overhead.
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Verifiable Credentials

CERTUS ™ is a product built in collaboration with SICPA, a world leader in government security solutions. Certus is a novel digital solution that enables document issuers like educational institutions, government bodies or notaries to secure value documents. It is a cost-effective next-generation security solution which sets a new standard in securing sensitive paper-based and digital documents, credentials, and qualifications.
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Pharma Physical Supply Chain

We have developed a last-mile supply chain solution for pharma manufacturers that enables real-time counterfeit and diversion detection, liability management against false claims and visibility into pharmacovigilance. Integration into the SAP Information Collaboration Hub enables a digital token to be created for each GS1 code helping front-line care workers verify the authenticity and provenance of pharma products and giving manufacturers real-time visibility into the last-mile.
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Health-Care Consent, Audit and Regulatory Compliance

Our very first use case was for the Estonian eHealth Foundation providing mathematical guarantees for auditing the use of health-care data. Since then, we have extended the functionality to support consent and regulatory reporting. Consent can be tokenized i.e., access to data can be given in the form of a token which sets limits to who and how data sets can be access, providing immutable proof of what happened when to regulators. 
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Health-Care Real World Data

Together with Roche and Astra Zeneca we have developed a real-world data engine that enables pharma market access to get aggregate results of medicine use across a population without revealing any personal information from the health and disease registries. Applications include indication and combination-based pricing, value-based pricing, clinical trial patient enrolment and differentiated rebates.
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