Trademark Guidelines 

Guardtime Trademark Guidelines

1. The General Rule

1.1. Guardtime does not allow third parties to use the Guardtime Brand Components (trade marks, service marks, trade names, signs, logos, icons, slogans, banners, trade dress, links, sounds and other brand features) belonging to Guardtime except under an appropriate license or other express written permission from Guardtime.

2. List of Guardtime’s Trademarks

2.1. Word mark: Guardtime®

2.2. Word mark: KSI®

2.3. Word mark: Catena™

2.4. Word Mark: Black Lantern™

2.5. Word mark: Active Integrity™

2.6. Word mark: Clean State Proof™

2.7. Guardtime logo:

2.8. Guardtime “Checkmark” logo:

3. Uses of Guardtime Brand Components Expressly Prohibited

3.1. You must not use the Guardtime Brand Components except under an appropriate license or other express written permission from Guardtime.

3.2. You must never use any of the Guardtime’s word marks as a verb; refer to the list of word marks in these Guidelines.

3.3. Do not manufacture, sell, or give away merchandise items, such as T-shirts or mugs, that bear any Guardtime Brand Components, including logos, except pursuant to an express written license from Guardtime.

3.4. You must never refer to Guardtime in a way that might mislead someone to believe that your use is sponsored, affiliated with, endorsed by Guardtime or otherwise economically linked to Guardtime or that might be interpreted to suggest that content displayed by you has been authorized by, or represents the views or opinions of, Guardtime unless you have received written acknowledgement of the same by Guardtime.

3.5. You must not incorporate any of the Guardtime Brand Components, or variants, formatives and derivatives thereof, into your own product names, service names, trade marks, logos, company names, domain names, meta tags, keywords and search terms etc.

3.6. You must never change or modify the Guardtime Brand Components, for example, through adding or deleting hyphens, combining words or by using abbreviations. Altering our logos, for example, changing the colors or dimensions or otherwise modifying them in any way is also prohibited.

3.7. You must not adopt marks, logos or any other features that are confusingly similar to the Guardtime Brand Components and you should not market any product or service under a name that is confusingly similar to our products.

3.8. You must not copy or imitate the Guardtime trade dress or get-up or the “look and feel” of any of the Guardtime Brand Components or the website, including (but not limited to) the color combinations, graphics, sounds, imagery, presence icons, typefaces or stylisation used by Guardtime (or anything similar thereto).

3.9. You must not use the Guardtime Brand Components in a way that is infringing, misleading, unfair, disparaging or obscene or otherwise objectionable, as determined by Guardtime in its sole discretion.

3.10. You must not use the Guardtime Brand Components in relation to products or services or on web sites that may be considered to be sexually explicit, vulgar, profane, offensive, obscene, defamatory, libellous, slanderous or otherwise unlawful, religiously or racially offensive or otherwise promoting hate towards individuals or groups; or which violate any applicable laws or is otherwise objectionable to Guardtime, as determined by Guardtime in its sole discretion.

3.11. You must not register domain names and Internet “keywords” containing the term “guardtime”, or any soundalike or lookalike variations such as “guardime”, “gardtime”, “guardtimes”, “guardtingtime”, etc. This includes both Latin and non-Latin character sets, both generic and country-code top level domain name extensions and applies at all levels of the domain name system (“DNS”) hierarchy.