Jian Tan, CEO of Aletheia said
"We are thrilled to be partnering with CCDI Copyright Cloud. Our long-term vision is to help fight copyright violations and online advertising fraud through KSI Blockchain technology by providing end to end attribution for all human and machine generated content in China." 
KSI Blockchain technology has been developed in China over the last 5 years and is the only blockchain technology that has received formal accreditation for deployment for data integrity in China by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS).

The platform is designed to have four pillars:

Content Registration and Violation Detection

The platform enables automated registration of content for individuals and organizations that generate content as well as copyright violation detection for online platforms that are hosting or distributing content.

Information Veracity Coefficient (IVC) – Addressing Fake Audio, Text and Video Content

The information that humans and organizations rely on to make decisions does not exist in a vacuum – whether text, audio or video, it has a history, a provenance, a lineage of humans and machines who have created, distributed, approved and validated its veracity. cKSI enables a cryptographic provenance graph or audit trail for content, providing an objective measure for the veracity of information, helping consumers and organizations make better and decisions based on information they have received.

Online Advertising Fraud

Fraud plagues the online advertising market due to a lack of attribution. By integrating KSI Blockchain technology into online advertising exchanges it becomes possible to provide a cryptographic immutable audit trail, eliminating the need for trusted third parties or auditors to verify how content has been consumed.

Decentralized Content Trading Exchange

 The platform will also support a blockchain based trading exchange for content trading, enabling both national and international buyers and sellers of content to participate in the trading of copyrighted material.
Mike Gault, CEO of Guardtime said
"We are thrilled to see Aletheia develop the leading blockchain platform in China and we are convinced that the KSI enabled content attribution platform, integrated into telecommunications infrastructure, will be an attractive proposition for governments who wish to address the challenges of fake news in their economies as well as for brand owners who wish to get an increased level of transparency and auditability in their programmatic advertising campaigns."